Saturday, January 24, 2009

Current WIP

Here we are last night as we watched a couple of episodes of Psych.  I was too weak to do anything but crochet.  lol...  This is the blanket that I started on our Christmas trip.  It might be done by next Christmas.  It's a nice project to do while we watch TV since there's no pattern to it.  Jordi has already claimed this one!
Recognize any of the yarns?  Some came from Great's stash.  A couple are Lauren's that I "borrowed" when I sat next to her on the plane.  (BTW, L, did you finish that baby blanket you were working on?)
And here is the queen of the house.  This is the chair at my computer.  She just waits beside me on the floor and stares at me... waiting for me to get up so she can sit there.  :-)
I should have taken a picture of my giant basket of yarn that I keep in the living room now, too.  Haven't seen that in any home decor magazines.  Maybe someone needs to come up with a home decorating magazine for people with hobbies -- all our magazines look like no one actually lives in the homes!


Grandpa said...

I could send a picture of our house. It definitely looks lived in!

Nicole said...

that afghan is amazing!
i'm always hesitant to start something like that... i am a knitter, and i have been wanting to use up some of my stash that way for ages. I'm scared it's going to look terrible!

Ripper Arts said...

What a neat project you can do with leftovers! So colorful!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous, Ann! Great way to use left over yarns. I love all the different colors.

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