Thursday, October 02, 2008

Presents from Michigan!

This was a switch... instead of sending a package to Michigan, we GOT one!  Dad loves his present:  

And I LOVE my present.  Funny how Lauren knew exactly what all of us would love.  Dad yelled when he saw his t-shirt & I yelled when I saw my ribbons & trims.  Jordann has claimed the NTBI coffee cup and there were a couple of pens in the box, too.
These were my favorites.  I love those flocked ribbons!


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

How sweet! LOL, it's fun for me to begin to see you experience what I've experienced the past 3+ years with Jessica away at college! I even showed my husband the pictures (of dad in his t-shirt and your pile of thrifted goodies from Michigan)! How fun!!!!! What a sweet daughter!!!!


PS I had to move into a new blog home on blogger. My *NEW* blog addy is

Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Hi Ann! (I couldn't find your email right now so I'll write here!)....
Last week I went to my little art supply store to pick up a Somerset magazine. I bought the "Holidays & Celebrations". While I was there the owner talked to me about giving a presentation/class about artful blogging! That was cool...BUT then it wasn't until tonight that I got a chance to actually open and read the magazine.

I almost fell off my chair when I came to the article you wrote!!! I had totally forgottent you mentioned you were in a Somerset publication!

What a treat to see your Advent boxes, and to read how you insert scripture into the boxes. I told my husband, "I know her!" (LOL< I do, right? LOL!!!)

Any, you made my day by "appearing" in the issue! Lovely article; great art project!!! (Did you buy the match boxes and empty the matches???!!!)


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