Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ladies Retreat at Mt. Hermon

This weekend was our church's ladies retreat at Mt. Hermon.  I heard there were a little over 100 ladies there.  It was the usual schedule that was busy & lots of fun.  I'm at the computer now trying to stay awake.  I don't want to go to sleep before 8 o'clock!

Angie was my roommate for the weekend.  Here's our room.
It was like a rustic little hotel room.  Complete with spiders - a couple even in our beds -- YUCK!!!!  But other than that it was great.

We went on a short walk Saturday down the sequoia trail.  It was beautiful!!!  I think as long as I live in Northern California I'll be amazed at these trees.  Mt. Hermon is 'famous' for their banana slugs.  Remember Jordann & her friends kissing them at their science camp?  Well, Elizabeth found one but didn't kiss it.  
Too slimy for me!

Here's a typical California pedestrian.  lol...

There were lots of activities through the weekend.  We didn't make the 5:45 am workout in the gym or the 6:30 am nature walk, or the 10 pm volleyball game.  :-)  But we did do the craft.  We made a magnetic advent calendar.
There is a lady in the church who makes earrings and donates all the proceeds to Sisters in Service.  Our speaker for the weekend was Michele Rickett, the president & CEO of SIS.
We also had a raffle.  There were about 25 baskets of goodies.  We bought tickets and put them in the bag for the basket we wanted to win.  And I actually won one of them.  It was the one I wanted, too!!!  It had a warm, fuzzy robe, gift certificate for Mary Kay, and -- the best part -- a massage from Massage Envy!!!  I've never had a massage before but on the drive down I was talking about how I wanted to try it because I was so sore from working this week.  There were 2 baskets with massages included in them so I put all my tickets in those two!
Here's a pic of our ladies just talking & hanging out after a session.
There's an ice cream fountain at the camp that serves some really good ice cream -- Marianne's -- from Santa Cruz.  We sat in front of the fireplace & ate ice cream.  :-)


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Fun! I missed our retreat this year, we had a big wedding I wanted to be at! Congrats on winning the basket! Fun!

Grandpa said...

I was trying to figure out the part about the messages and finally decided that maybe you intended to say "massages"!

onemotherslove said...

Hey, I just looked at your etsy store. I like your banner; who did it?

Matt said...

Ah man, i'm jealous... MaryAnne's is the BEST icecream!

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