Friday, October 17, 2008


Jordann enjoyed dressing up every day for Spirit Week.  This was how she looked on Super Hero Day.

I took some pictures at the game tonight for L.  Here's your old sports med team.  :-)  Shelly's mom & little sister were there.
Caught Glenn texting during a slow time of the game.

And here's some of L's little friends.  We sat next to them and Stephen's parents.
It was a great game.  Much better than last year!  28-0 - we beat the Mt. Diablo Red Devils.  We saw the end of the JV game, too.  It was 0-0 'til the very end and we scored in the last 30 seconds.  Pretty exciting!

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Grandpa said...

Looks like Andy in the corner of that last picture!

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