Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wednesday Night

Just sittin' around tonight listening to Sarah Palin.  Picked more tomatoes today.  Dyed more tags.  Then I thought I'd share some photos for my Sweet & Sinister swap partner & Angie.  Here's something else we can make next week!  ;-)

I don't do a lot of Halloween decorating, we decorate more for fall, but Halloween is the main holiday at my office, so I've been doing more crafts to take to the office this year.  But we usually at least do a jack o' lantern.  And we dress in costumes every Halloween in the office.  I haven't decided what to wear this year -- any ideas?

I'm in 2 Halloween related swaps this year plus I'll probably be putting some of these in my Etsy shop.
Here's a banner I made last fall:


Anonymous said...

Love the little book! Can hardly wait to craft. :)

Sandra Evertson said...

Fabulous, love the book and that leaf garland is just wonderful!
Sandra Evertson

Heidi ( said...

Great booklet! You're so creative!

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