Friday, July 18, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter !

Yes, same title as the last post.  I say that this time 'cause MY daughter has MY dream job!  She works at My Daughter's Wish - known now as a paper arts studio.  They have so much more than just scrapbook supplies.  Here she is with one of her best friends.

Thanks, Angie, for taking these photos.  I hadn't even thought about taking pictures of her at work.  BTW, can't wait for our next craft day!!!  I think it should be at your house so we can play with your new toy!

Another exciting thing happened yesterday.  The Somerset editor emailed a pdf of the article that's going to be in the Holiday issue.  Wow!!!  I can't believe it's actually going to be in a magazine.  It looked so professional!  lol...  Some of you, too, will be in it since I used lots of family photos in my project.  Coming out September 1!!!


Heidi ( said...

Congratulations on the Somerset article! You are PERFECT for that magazine!!! I can hardly wait to read it!!!! *Heidi*

Anonymous said...

Yes, come on over for a craft day! We can play with the new Zutter machine.
Look at those college girls. :) Had to take a picture!

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