Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grad Memory Albums

Now that all the graduations are over I can slow down a little and hopefully share more photos.  I made little memory albums for two of L's best friends.  They take such funny photos together it was easy to put these together.  These 2 girls have very different personalities so I tried to make their albums fit them.  

E, Lauren said you wouldn't want any frou-frou so there's no lace or frilly stuff on this one.

OK, this last photo made me cry.  These girls have so much to look forward to in their futures!!!

If you want to see more photos from these albums go over to my Flickr account.

Father's Day has been very quiet:  church, then Panda's (where Glenn chose to go!), watched National Treasure 2, went swimming, and now he  & L have gone to the Mac store to see if they can hook up his Mac Book to the HD TV!  Won't that be something?  

Jordann leaves for camp tomorrow.  She'll only be there 3 days since G'ma & G'pa will be here Wednesday.  I think she's glad she gets to come back early.  She doesn't really like camping out or lakes but our youth pastor convinced her that she should go.  


onemotherslove said...

What a creative mom they are blessed to be friends of!

Anonymous said...

We are very blessed to have Ann as our
fact the whole Tatum family as freinds! :)

Alison Gibbs said...

I am sure the girls loved their albums.
They are fabulous

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