Saturday, April 05, 2008

How did she talk us into this?

Friday after work I had to go to My Daughter's Wish to buy SOMETHING for SOMEONE... can't say what it was, but it was purple. ;-) And since I was near Monument already I went to the Mexican market and bought this:

Yummy bread, already toasted. A lady at work brought us some so I thought I'd let my family try it out. Then I went to the Middle Eastern market and bought this -- Naan. A huge, flat, freshly baked bread that is so good it didn't make it home whole. I wish I had put something next to this so you could see how big it really it. I would guess the length is about 20".

Glenn wanted to try out some new grilling recipes so we invited some friends over for swordfish kabobs and tuna and salmon steaks. All with no salt. They had orange & lemon zest, parsley, rosemary, and lots of garlic. Turned out good. He also made oven fried sweet potatoes. Forgot to take a picture of those.

Here we are about to eat. Looks like Lauren was already starting to eat.

We usually play a game after we eat and while we were sitting around at the table talking about what to play, Jordann pulled out Spongebob Monopoly. I kept saying, "I hate Monopoly," "Monopoly takes forever to play," "I don't want to play Monopoly," and "I'm *really* not going to play *SpongeBob* Monopoly." But she kept on setting it up and everyone came back to the table to play. I have to admit it was pretty fun... especially since I WON!!! Woo Hoo!!! I love Monopoly!

SpongeBob went to jail:

Me & SpongeBob:

Angie & Gary:

The deliciously yummy desert made by Angie (with lactose free ice cream on top):


Grandpa said...

I think I could eat that desert!

Heidi ( said...

I'm hungry...I love breads and fish...I'm really hungry...and it's only morning...


Pipesville said...

Bimbo is the company that bought Mrs Bairds. That flat bread looks interesting.

who else would it be said...

But Mrs Bairds is still Mrs Bairds and Mrs Bairds calls Fort Worth home.

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