Thursday, March 27, 2008

Testing my Scanner

So, how does this look?  Some friends took this photo of us in the fall at our Sunday School class picnic.  (Look carefully at the grass.  Notice anything?)  Anyway, Ellen just gave me the photo -- she's running a little behind on getting her film developed!  So I scanned it on our new scanner!

We had a very nice day yesterday.  Jordann enjoyed Horton.  She said it was very cute.  I worked 'til 1 and then met a friend for lunch at Sweet Affair Bakery.  I had a bowl of soup 'cause my throat was hurting from allergies.  It was nice & sunny so we sat outside and talked for a long time.

When Glenn got home we went over to our friend's house and left Jordann with their kids.  It took us forever to figure out where to eat.  We finally decided on Tahoe Joe's.  I'd never eaten there.  It was DELICIOUS.  One of the most tender steaks I've ever eaten!

Glenn took today & tomorrow off work.  He & Jo are at Ikea right now.  Don't know what they'll come home with.  They like to go just look around and eat meatballs.  Lauren will be home tomorrow!

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Grandpa said...

The grass is green and looks a lot like carpet!

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