Monday, January 28, 2008

Ta Da... New Bedroom

Wow, I didn't realize how bad the bedroom looked until I compared the before & after photos. We hadn't done ANYTHING to the bedroom since we moved in almost 2 years ago. We just kind of threw things in it. Our plan was to finish the 'public' areas downstairs before we worked on the bedrooms but things don't always work out the way we plan. So, here it is:

Pretty boring, huh? Since I love green we picked a light green color. It has a little blue-grey in it. We painted on a rainy day so here's how we sped up the drying process a little. lol

And now for the (almost) finished product:

We moved the Italian landscape paintings downstairs and I'm looking for a single larger painting now. We'd also like to put a couple of wall lamps over the bed. But I kind of like the lamps & bedside tables in front of the bookshelves. Kind of layered & cozy.

My desk was clean for about 24 hours. I should have taken a photo then. But I started working on Valentine goodies again so out came the 'stuff'. But now I have boxes on my new shelves to put my stamps & punches. Hopefully they'll be easier to find than the file boxes in the closet or stuffed in the desk drawers.

I took the photos tonight so the lighting isn't really very good. I took this last one without a flash. A little dark but I think the colors are truer.


Anonymous said... looks great!!!

Grandpa said...

I still need some painting done. When are you coming for another visit?

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