Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ta-Da... New Bathroom

I put the finishing touches on the paint today so we're officially finished. I don't include decorative touches because those take me so long to figure out! I want to put a picture over the toilet, maybe something over the towel racks. And we've got to put up the clock somewhere. So... what do you think? I can't believe we did all this ourselves. If you don't know us very well you don't realize how big of a project this was for us.

We did have some hooks on the back of our door. Can't find them right now. I think they got put up with Glenn's tools. So the towels are hanging on the screws that the hooks fit on right now. BTW, the different-color-towel-for-each-family-member method is working great. These towels dry quickly, maybe that's the bamboo?

Yesterday we painted the bedroom. This morning we went to Ikea for shelves. Glenn's still putting parts of them together. I'll have photos of that room soon.


Heidi ( said...

Very nice! You should be proud of a job well done! We sure need to re-do our master's original to the home, built in 1979! LOL Don't laugh, orange counter!

Alison Gibbs said...

Well done on the bathroom it looks wonderful.

Grandpa said...

I like the colored towel idea but we have about 40 different colors so I try to use one category of colors and let Grandma have the others (all shades of blue).

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