Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Advent Calendar

A few weeks ago I shared a WIP photo on Flickr and asked people to guess. No one guessed that what I was making was an Advent Calendar! I was inspired to make this by the matchbook swap I was in earlier this year. Then I saw a similar one online. But I made this one much more personal by using family photos on it... see anyone you recognize?

Day One happens to be my favorite. Can you tell why?

Wasn't I cute? :-)

Day 12 is all the cousins. This was before E came along. Sorry, I'll have to take another photo when we're down for Christmas.

Day 16: They're little angels when they sleep, so D got wings on his matchbook. Sleep in heavenly peace!

Sorry the one below was so blurry. But I wanted everyone to see E since she was left out of the cousins picture:

I typed out Scriptures, printed them, rolled them up, and put one inside each box. We'll open one a day and read what's inside. (BTW, some of them have photos on the inside, too.) We've used different Advent devotionals. This year I found a free one online, published by Lifeway. If you don't already have something to read for this year you can download it here.

Now, here are a few other Christmassy photos from around the house:


Heidi ( said...

Ann, your Advent project is wonderful! The matchbox idea is so fun! I just finished making a new Advent calendar (just this morning, as I HAD to finish, it was day one!) I have numbers and pictures, but I love your verses idea. Maybe next year... I'll post my soon.

onemotherslove said...

Oh my goodness, that Advent calendar is fabulous! And I'm on it!!!

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