Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday's Cookies

Can you believe it? Our first holiday party is tonight -- my office party. It's at the home of one of the doctors. I'll let you know how it goes.

The picture above shows one of our favorite Christmas cookies, Candy Cane Cookie from the Betty Crocker Cookie Book. I LOVED this cookbook growing up and ordered a copy from me on Ebay. My sister posted the recipe on her blog. She's also blogged recipes & photos for Ginger Molasses & Chocolate Chip cookies. Along with a photo of (one of) the cutest nephews in the world licking beaters! :-)

Heather has the recipe for Pecan Tassies on her blog. I checked and it's pretty close to mine. But mine has 2 T melted butter in the filling and more pecans. I've used less when I was just trying to use up the pecans I already had, but of course it's better with MORE pecans!

I'm ready for some rain. Cold, rainy weather always gets me in the mood to bake. It's been cool in the mornings & evenings but sunny and warm during the day. We really need some rain. It's way too dry here.

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