Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thankful for... togetherness on Saturday mornings

Saturday mornings are one of the few times we're all together as a family. And this morning it's only for an hour or so. But Glenn's making pancakes for the girls. I thought I better blog early today before our day really gets started. We went to the football game last night. If they won, they would've gone to the playoffs. Well, they didn't. And it was senior night. So we got to see the football players cry.

This morning we have a wedding to go to. Two teachers from NorthCreek Academy are getting married. They were both in choir last week. Before the wedding we'll drop off Lauren at a friend's birthday party. I think they're going to spend the day playing airsoft. Later we'll pick her up & take her to babysit.

Sometime in between all of that I need to start sewing angel costumes for the Christmas musical. I have some other projects going on but I can't show you 'cause most of them are Christmas presents. OK, here are a few finished projects I can show you.

And when we painted downstairs many of our decorations where piled upstairs. Here's where they ended up. Lauren found the little table at our favorite thrift store for only $5.00!

Oh, SE, I sent some beanies I crocheted. I found a couple that I did last year, too, and included them. Let me know which ones fit. And just pass on the ones that don't. Do you want to make special requests for colors/patterns? Maybe I should make one for Grandma? :-)


Alison Gibbs said...

Wow what a busy weekend.
Yummy pancakes - you're lucky.

onemotherslove said...

I like y'all's feet! Got the hats on Friday. I'll take pictures soon.

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