Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thankful for... good examples of marriage

Yesterday we went to the wedding of two very good friends of ours. We've known them longer than they've known each other and it's been exciting to see them meet, start dating, and then plan their wedding. It was a small, simple wedding. The only instrument they had was a bagpipe. Which Glenn & I thought our girls should use for their far-in-the-future weddings. Jordi said, "No, way!" Lauren thought it was a good idea, but she'll probably get married in the middle of some jungle somewhere where they don't have bagpipes! :-) Here's the lovely couple:

First dance. Her dress reminded me of Cinderella!

Jordi got bored waiting for the meal at the reception and started taking pictures of our table, food, flowers, silverware, place cards, etc. I'm amazed at the close up photos my camera can take! She called this one "Fork." (Don't worry, Grandma, we toasted with sparkling cider!)

Horrible photo of me, but here we are. She took this one, too. Do you think we look alike?

And here's our favor... a Trader Joe's dark chocolate all wrapped up. Mmmmmmm... it was delicious!

Other good examples of marriage where sitting at our table at the reception. The couple next to us has been married for 65 years! He's a greeter at our church and shakes hands and calls almost everyone by name every Sunday morning. A couple across the table from us where some of the founders of our church -- which celebrated our 50th anniversary last year. They had already been married for a while before that, so they might be 65 years, too!

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