Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thankful for... Game Night!

Friday night was game night at our house. We played a new game -- Imaginiff. I hadn't heard of it until Jo got it for her birthday. And this was our first time to play it. You can read who was playing on the board above. If you have a friend who loves to play games, we can highly recommend this for Christmas! We're thankful for all our friends that we've made here in CA the last 3 years.

We had fun eating enchiladas, playing, talking, laughing, and then eating more. The cookies were almost gone before I remembered to take a photo of them. Don't they look yummy? Remember that I'm hosting a virtual cookie exchange. I decided to change the date to Tuesday, November 27. This will be the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I thought that would give everyone more time to try out some new recipes.

L doesn't like for me to take her picture:

She bought this for me at the school's holiday bazaar. It's it cute? We're going to try to make some with our huge button collection.

Oh, I'm testing out Mister Linky to get ready for the cookie exchange. Would someone try it out for me below? Add a link to something interesting in your blog. Thanks!


onemotherslove said...

AAAHHH! That means I have to go back to the store to get cookie supplies now! At least I found my recipe already!

Grandpa said...

What is that button thing?

*Heidi* said...

Not sure what I just did, but I added my name to your Mister Linksy? Anyhow..hope it works for Tuesday!

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