Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday Update

The temp got up to 99 degrees today. I knew it felt hotter than 95. The pool felt good tonight!!!

Lauren's graduation is June 9, Jordann's is June 10. Which is very convenient for anyone coming out from Texas!

Jordann also got her schedule via email today. She's taking English, History, Physical Science, Algebra/Geometry, PE, Bible, Latin/Logic, and her electives are Classic Films, C. S. Lewis, and Art History (1 per trimester).

We found a REALLY fun book today, too. Some of the things in here reminded me of what Grandmama used to make. We're thinking about making a few of them. Especially the notebook made from album covers! I wanted the girls to make the popsicle stick purse but couldn't convince them.

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