Wednesday, August 22, 2007

H is for HOT!

I'm hot! Okay, I think the northern California weather has spoiled me. It's only 95, but I got used to the 80s. I haven't been doing much this week except work and chores. I worked on some altered Bingo cards last weekend and listed them in my Etsy shop today. So I'll share those photos with you today. (H is for hobbies, too!)

Lauren registered yesterday. Her school day will start at 7:00. She wanted to sign up for an early class, which means every other day she'll get out at noon. She's taking Government, English 4, Spanish 3, Art, Bowling, and Sports Medicine. The first 2 classes were requirements, the others she chose. I think graduation is the week of June 10. I'll get an exact date for you later. Jordann's graduation is June 8 so I really hope they're not the same day.

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