Friday, May 25, 2007

What Happened on Friday

I think I've been busier since I quit my job than I was before. Of course, I didn't start any major home improvements or craft projects while I was working. And I didn't do hardly anything on eBay. So here's my first big home project -- scraping popcorn off my ceiling. After getting much advice from people who have done this before, I started. Then ended up doing it completely different! Boy, did I need Grandpa's shop vac!
Next project -- This one's already on Etsy. I've taken some of vintage textbook pages and other scrapbook/crafting supplies and put them in lots. There was no way I was getting all of these cards made so I decided to sell the goodies and let the buyers create their own. This is my first kit/pack like this. Take a look and tell me what you think about the contents, price, etc. I'd like to do more in the future with different themes.

Jordi's latest project is also going to be on Etsy. She sold her first duct tape wallet and was inspired to make this one.

Last photo - Look what cuteness came in the mail yesterday. We have her on display now... need a little ladybug next to her. I found one on the patio yesterday but she didn't cooperate.

Got a busy weekend coming up. Glenn actually has a meeting tonight & I'm going with him. Lauren's in charge of a clothing distribution in the morning and we're the adult sponsors. Then I'm taking Lauren & her friend to Wal-Mart to get supplies for Peru. Then we're trading daughters with another family -- their oldest is coming over here for a sleepover and Jordann's going to their house. THEN... Sunday afternoon we're having a picnic at Arbolado Park after church. Everyone's invited!!! I think the boys are looking forward to another touch football game and I heard a rumor about ultimate frisbee.

Have a great weekend!


onemotherslove said...

Every homeowner needs a Shop Vac!!!

bellacolle said...

I see you've been busy! Hope all goes well with the mission trip! So many people think moms who stay home don't do nothin'... little do they know! especially the homeschool moms!!! Take care.

Donna said...

What a chore getting all that stuff off your ceiling. I bet you're glad that's done! Your craft packs look wonderful. Lots of cool stuff.

Analise said...


Love your new stuff! I am so the real time to "create", it's easier to organize and put together for others to work their magic!

Love your newest kits (on flickr) can't wait to see your stuff in the shop!!

have a great weekend!


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