Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Our Week

Here's how the week started... LOL
Grandpa's last post inspired me to take my camera with me on my walk this evening. It was a gorgeous day. Lots of sun & shadows on the Pittsburg hills. My camera doesn't catch them as well as I'd like. BTW, we had another earthquake this morning at 5:15. I was still asleep and Glenn was already gone, but it woke Lauren up. And another friend of mine told me that it woke up her son. It was only a 2.7. I've been told you can't feel earthquakes under 3.0. Maybe because this one was so close? It was centered in Pleasant Hill.

So there are 2 theories to all this activity. 1.) All the little earthquakes release the pressure so we won't have "the big one." 2.) All the little earthquakes are building up to "the big one." Of course, they've been saying that for years. But you never know. So people here prepare the same way you do in hurricane territory -- store enough drinking water and canned food for your family for several days.

For our family in TX: If "the big one" ever comes you probably won't be able to contact us because of phone traffic. But we'll have food & water!

BTW, Glenn's in LA 'til Saturday for the Shepherd's Conference at John Macarthur's church.

Also, don't forget to visit our new craft blog -- In Stitches. (see link on right)

1 comment:

onemotherslove said...

Maybe you should move back to Texas before "the big one" hits & y'all fall into the ocean!!! ; )

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