Thursday, July 27, 2006

NCC Family Camp

I told some of you that we were going to Family Camp last week, but forgot that you don't know what "Family Camp" is! Our church has been doing this for over 20 years. For a week every July about 300 people from our church go to a state park at Lake Tahoe to camp. We have chapel services every morning. (This year our own church staff each took a day to be the speaker.) Kids have their own chapel service and a craft time before lunch. Each family or group (there were some college kids at one camp site, and some singles/single parent families who made up a few other sites) is responsible for their own meals and can do whatever activities they want in the afternoons. Then we get together for a campfire at night and have more singing, games, skits, testimonies, etc.

We shared two campsites with two other families that came up just for the weekend. They had set up a tent for us, but it was too close to the firepit to have a fire. So here, Glenn & Dave try to roast Twinkies over the propane flame. The other family felt sorry for us & got their fire going again so we could finish the roasting on a real fire.

Hannah liked them!

Monday is Sand Harbor day. We all go over to the NV side of the lake for a big church family picnic. Our senior pastor came and did some of the baptisms. If the fathers were there he let them do it. Here he baptized the father first, then the father did the mother and his son. Yes, the water was VERY cold!

We went on some gorgeous hikes and found some good mountain biking trails. Here are Glenn & Jordann with a family from our Sunday School class. We hiked up to Angora Lake and had lemonade and watched big kids jump off the rocks into the lake. We were near Echo Peak which had lots of snow still on it and the waterfalls were huge.

Wednesday (our 20th anniversary) was Glenn's day to speak. That afternoon we went rafting down the Truckee River with about 8 other rafts and lots of bigger kids on intertubes and one with an inflatable kayak. That was fun. I just KNEW I left my cell phone back in the tent but it was in my backpack and so was drowned, I slid down one of the rapids in an intertube hitting every rock with my shins as I went, Jordann fell out of the boat in the next rapid section, I lost a paddle, caught up with it again, then broke it, and Glenn walked the last part because his back was hurting so much. On second thought, does that really sound like fun? :-)

I have more photos but Blogger won't let me add them. Seems like I have trouble every time I try to blog! I also have photos from our anniversary trip to SF. I'll see if I can get them in my next blog.

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onemotherslove said...

Roasted Twinkies??????? Don't they have hot dogs out there? : ) We baptized in the Lake in October... talk about COLD!!!!!!!

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