Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hey, looks like Blogger is letting me add one photo at a time now. Oh, well, I'll see what I can get done.

July 19 was our 20th anniversary!!! We were actually at Lake Tahoe on the 19th, so when we got back from camping Jordann went over to a friends house and we rode BART over to the city.

We had dinner at the Cliff House. What a view!!! It was a lot of fun being in the city without a car. We figured out the city transit system and got around pretty good. Friday was fun. Since it was a "Spare the Air" day all the city transit was free. HUGE lines for the cable cars so we decided to ride one Saturday instead.

We stayed in an old hotel close to Union Square -- no air conditioning! Which is usually no big deal in SF, but this weekend was an exception. It was 100º at the airport which is really unheard of. Today they're back in the 60ºs. It wasn't too bad. A little stuffy when we first got there but with the windows open it wasn't too bad.

How's this for a San Francisco photo?

Glenn started talking to the couple next to us in the cable car. They were from TX and said they'd be at a music educator's conference next week in San Antonio. So Glenn took a chance and asked if he knew his high school choral director. Not only did they know here but they were really good friends and had tried to hire her for their school last year. What a small world!

OK, since I never put pictures of me on my blog, here I am -- a little windblown but enjoying a cool breeze after walking around the city and being packed in a cable car. There were LOTS of people on the beach and swimming in the bay.

And here's Glenn with a new buddy!


onemotherslove said...

Hey, I forgot to send you a card... we were on vacation then, too. Anyway, belated happy anniversary & congratulations on 20 years!!!

Grandpa said...

Which one is Glenn?

joyfuljourney said...

20 YEARS!! Happy Anniversary! I remember that burgandy satin bridesmaid's dress!

We lived in Monterey a couple of years and made lots of trips into SFO. That part of CA is so beautiful. We would really like to visit again!

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