Monday, April 17, 2006

dAdventure !

OK, you've all heard about "GrandpaVentures" -- this weekend we had a Dad-venture! Glenn's going to be in a triathalon in May. He's doing the 60-mile bike ride, Darryll is doing the 13-mile run, and Jeff (Starr, not Pipes) is doing the 1.2-mile swim. They each did the whole thing last year and decided that they'd rather split it up and be a team. So, Easter Sunday afternoon we drove down to King City & spent the night in an old Days Inn. Then this morning we drove over to San Antonio Lake, we drove part of the route and he rode about 30 miles while Jordann, Pedals, and I drove behind him. There were a lot of vinyards around the lake.

After we left we drove through a military base and then Los Padres National Forest and over mountains.

Pedals got carsick and threw up in the car -- fun. Other than that she was good.

We drove over the summit and there was the Pacific!

Looking down on our destination, Highway 1.

Do the boys recognize this bridge? Glenn said it had been used in car commercials. I don't know which ones.

We stopped in Carmel to walk on the beach. That's when Glenn called his mom to rub it in and she told us it was 99 degrees in Austin! Margie, you probably would prefer the 99 degrees. It was about 64 degrees and windy here in this photo.

Pedals barked & chased Jordi every time she got close to the waves, like she was trying to warn her to stay away from danger. Pedals was fine as long as we weren't close to the water.

On the way home I took some pictures for Grandpa. Here is a field of artichokes! Sorry they're blurry. Glenn doesn't like artichokes & he wouldn't slow down for me. :-)

Here's a field of strawberries. There were a LOT more but I didn't get any photos.

Anybody want to go with us on our next dAdventure?


onemotherslove said...

i'll take the 99 degrees with margie. wearing coats, jackets and sweaters on a beach.. that's just perverse. :) -ah

Grandpa said...

Can I go?

falco348 said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

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