Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fall Fairy Earrings

Sorry I haven't blogged in a week!  But if you follow Duct Tape and Denim on Facebook you'll see what I've been up to lately.  I've actually been spending more time on Facebook than my blog.  One of the things I've been doing is making jewelry for the September opening of Room With a Past.  And the Fall Fairy made her appearance this week, in spite of the 98 degree weather!  If you're new to the blog you may wonder who the Fall Fairy is...  It's just a fun tradition that I started with my daughter a few years ago.  Since I have Tuesdays off (I know, a strange day to have off...), when I was ready to decorate for fall I  would send her off to school and then spend the day home by myself and change all my summer decor for fall all in one day.  I never tell anyone before or after I do it.  I just sit back and wait for their response.  I love decorating for fall but I think the family only cares about the candy corn!  lol...

I didn't add any new decor this year (at least yet) so I didn't take any photos.  But you can see last year's photos here, photos from 2009 are here, and 2008 are here.  If you have any new decorating ideas for fall please let me know.  Send me links!

In honor of the Fall Fairy's appearance I created the pumpkin earrings you see above.  I will be giving them away to one of my Facebook followers (Duct Tape And Denim, not my personal FB acct).  If you don't already "like" me you can visit my page here.

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