Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You are Invited to my Virtual Party!

 My sister is a stay-at-home mom that recently started selling Lilla Rose hair accessories.  I loved the way they looked but I have been even more impressed with them after I got one.  So I'm hosting a virtual party!

They are extremely well made and comfortable.  I like putting my hair up in the summer and have been using those cheap plastic claw clips.  But if you wear those you know that they're not always comfortable... especially when you're in the car or sit in certain chairs and the claws dig into the back of your head.

There is a size for every type of hair.  Here's my cutie little niece wearing a fairy clip -- not sure if that's a small or extra small.  I wear an extra small because my hair is very fine.
 We had a little hair party while we were visiting back in Texas.  Got to try the different styles & sizes.

Here's my daughter.  Her hair is NOT fine.  She has LOTS and LOTS of CURLY hair.  This is a medium size clip just for her half-up but it is a little loose.  She chose this clip with wooden beads on it.  She can also twist her hair and hold it up with this one.
Here's my beautiful sister's dark, thick hair (notice I didn't say anything about the silver hair... lol).  These are "You pins".  This is such a beautiful & simple do.

BTW, did I tell you about the "silver hair" I found last week?  I was so upset every time I got into the car I had to double check if I was seeing gray hairs or if it was just the sun reflecting.

 My niece again... it's hard to get her still long enough to get a photo that's not blurry.  This is a large clip for her ballerina bun.  Keeps it all in place while she's dancing.
And my sister's best friend... more thick, beautiful hair!!!  These are the hair sticks.  Another simple do that looks amazing!

They also have hairbands and bobby pins.  If you see me this week I'll have some print catalogs for you to look at and I'll try to have my flexi-clip with me so you can see the quality of it, too.  I think I'll wear it to work tomorrow!

My virtual party is going on until September 4.  Please go by and take a look.  Thanks for supporting a stay-at-home mom & a home business!!!

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onemotherslove said...

Thanks, Sissy!! : ) And, yes, you DID mention the silver hair! At least you didn't call it gray, though!

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