Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Didn't Make the Cut for RWAP

 Had to work yesterday so my schedule for the week is a little off.  I'm probably gonna think this is Thursday all day today.  But it's still only Wednesday!

I sat up my shelves at the "Room" this weekend and took lots of pictures.  I was going to post them but I'll wait 'til tomorrow -- opening day!

This month was supposed to be a travel theme and one of the things I've been shopping for is globes.  I found a few & brought them home.  But they're not going to make it into the shop.  Glenn has commandeered them!  He loves them.  Now they are decorating his study area at home.  So, here are some photos of items that WON'T be at Room With a Past this weekend!

Globe bookends - now holding up Glenn's books.  In front of the maps that I framed for his wall and right beside the Eiffel Tower.  (The dog is Glenn's addition to the decor.)
 More globes...
This is upstairs on the landing.  I'm almost glad these things didn't fit in the shelves.  The lovely fire hose nozzle that my bil IDed for me.  It is very heavy, brass I think.  The black part it's sitting on isn't part of it, it's a very interesting frog.

And my favorite find from Texas, the lunchbox.  My sis & sil talked me into buying that in Waxahachie.  Would have been great for my spot... combining travel AND back-to-school.
And a collection of smalls that didn't make it into the shop will be decorating the bottom shelf in my hall this month.  BTW, I picked and dried that lavender myself!

Oh, I do have lots of those little definition cards.  Let me know if you want some.  I probably would have room to add a few packs of those to my shelf.  Some of the words are so funny to me!

Come back tomorrow and you can see what DID make it into the Room.

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Jan Ely said...

I can see why he wanted to keep them--the colors are fantastic!

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