Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Vintage Key Necklaces & an Update on Margie

I just listed these in my Etsy shop... except for the one I decided to keep for myself.  Then I couldn't figure out why I just listed them since I'm going to take them out this weekend to set up my space in the Room.  So they'll be in my Etsy shop for just a few days, then they'll go to Room with a Past for the next sale.

I haven't written an update on Margie lately.  Physically she seems to be doing very well.  And as I've told some of you before, her illness (vascular dementia) isn't a steady downward trip.  It's more like stairsteps.  I think she went down another step while we were in Texas.  She was doing well before we left.  Usually she could remember that we were going, just not when.  She would ask us up to 5 times in one visit when we were leaving.  We were gone on a Sunday and Glenn called her that Sunday morning.  She thought I was going to come pick her up for church.  Glenn told her we were still in Texas and she was surprised to hear that we were there.

Since then she has been very confused.  Every time I've seen her she tells me that she's very tired because they had to go somewhere to take showers the night before.  One day when Glenn & Jordy were with her she insisted that she takes showers in the building next door.  Glenn took her down to the bathroom and asked her if that was the place.  "No."  She took him by the hand and told him that she would show him.  She went outside, around the wall, and into the parking lot next door.  Nothing there.  She was confused but still refused to believe that she showers in the same building.

When I was visiting with her she asked me how far away from this place she lives.  I had to tell her that she lives in that room down the hall.  She's worried that Glenn and I won't be able to find her one day.  So every time we talk to her we remind her that we always know where she is and that we talk to Hazel  and know what's going on with her all the time.

She still remembers her son's names (although sometimes Glenn is George) and her brother's name.  But sometimes she doesn't call their wives or children by their names, just "his wife" or "their daughter."  She also asked Glenn how long it has been since George died and how he and her mother died.

Thank you to everyone who asks about how she's doing.  There are some things you can pray for too:

  • that the VA will approve her for funds that will help pay her living expenses there
  • that she won't be worried about us not being able to find her
  • her health (which seems to be very good at this time)
  • her other sons who aren't able to visit with her now because of their own health problems
  • for Hazel and her other caregivers (we are VERY thankful for them!)

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Marydon said...

Walked in your shoes with my MIL, it is heart breaking to watch. Sadder to hear her so confused, or not aware at all. God bless you all as your journey gets tougher.

Would you be so kind to leave a comment on my BLOG ONLY, for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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