Saturday, July 02, 2011

Our Antiquing Adventure in Berkeley

I just had to share these pictures with you.  I wasn't expecting to take photos today so I didn't bring my camera.  These were all taken on my phone with very little editing.  Not bad, but not as good as I would like for my blog readers!

The girls and I decided to go shopping in Berkeley today.  We went to "the best thrift store in the Bay area first."  I wasn't too impressed.  Then we went to Naan N Curry.  The most delicious naan I have ever had -- garlic!  I had some kind of chicken curry but I don't even remember what it was called.

We walked around for a while enjoying the eclecticness of Berkeley then went back to an antique shop we saw.  It was UNBELIEVEABLE!!!  I had a handful of goodies, all unpriced, and the cute little owner said, "How about $10.00?"  I'll show you what I got tomorrow.

Then her son said, "There's more around back if you want to look."  So here we go around the back... The truck was the first sign of what was to come.
 Don't run!

Behind that sign was a stack of tricycles and big metal Tonka trucks.
 There were body parts all over the place in the back yard!  Signs, furniture, benches, and several out buildings.  Not to mention what was hanging from the trees, which I didn't even take pictures of.  Including a carnival horse!
 We had met another customer inside.  He reminded me a little of grandpa.  He saw a "Turtle Crossing" sign that Jordy had in her hand and told her that if she didn't buy it he would.  Seems he has a pond full of turtles and they keep crossing the street.  So she gave up her sign to save the turtles!  He didn't look like the kind of guy that would be buying doilies, but that's what he was looking for.

He called over to us "Didn't one of you have a camera?  You've got to come in here & take a picture... I think that's a Rolls Royce!"  Yep, right behind the sofa and underneath the deer head.
 Lots of architectural salvage, too.  I kept thinking -- "Hope there's not an earthquake while we're here.  They may never find us."

Jordy liked all the windows.
 The other outbuildings were stacked high with furniture.  
 This is just ONE of the huge stacks of chairs that caused Jordy's Facebook status earlier today.

We felt like we were in an episode of either American Pickers or Hoarders!
 Then we went over to another of my favorite stores, The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.  You never know what you'll find here.   The store is aimed at school teachers and has lots of leftover supplies.

These bins reminded me of church before VBS.  You can buy egg cartons, tp rolls, lids, baby food jars, etc.  Everything sorted very neatly and really pretty clean.
There were also shelves of games and books.  A teacher's dream.  Lauren bought some books for 25c each.

I think that's enough pictures for today.  Tomorrow I'll show you some of the goodies we bought.


onemotherslove said...

Wow! I wish I could have gone with you!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to go with you sometime! Angie

Marydon said...

What a blast that place is! Love it.

May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

Happy 4th, my friend,


deborah tatum said...

love to look 4 antiques and treasures, mabee its in the name my madein name was tatum.small world well have fun. Deb T.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy finding stuff,mabee its in the name. maiden name is tatum. well have fun. deborah tatum

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