Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to Petaluma

 Tuesday, Jordy & I went back to Petaluma.  Summer Cottage had a booksigning with Fifi O'Neill who wrote Romantic Prairie Style.  I finally got my copy.  It's a beautiful book.  Jordy & I were trying to decide which styles we are on the way home.  I  think she decided that she is "elegant prairie" and I am "vintage prairie."

But before we went to Summer Cottage we walked through some of the other shops.  We saw Jesus at the first shop!  He was almost life-sized.  Well, I guess not life-sized for Jesus... but almost 4 feet tall.

I showed her the shop with all the French antiques.  Love it, but too far out of our price range.

Then we went to have an early lunch at Petaluma Pie but they were closed!!!  One of my main reasons for taking Jordy back.  So we have to plan another trip back now.  Maybe we can bring a few of you who wanted to go with us last week but were out of town.
 We finally made it to Summer Cottage Antiques.  It was crowded.  Looked like lots of people getting their books signed.  So we shopped for a while, talked to Michelle (who's cabin is in the book!), and got her permission to take some photos.

We saw more bedsprings.  I still love those.  But Glenn would really think that I've lost it if I ever came home with a set.

Jordy had a tray full of goodies.
This room reminded me of Texas.   Lots of rust & tin.  SE, you've done some projects with tin.  Think you can make one of these?

This sign reminded me of my niece, Elizabeth.  

Even saw a bowl full of dust brooms.
If you like the fabrics in Romantic Prairie Style, 52 Flea is having a giveaway over at her blog!

Sorry about the jumbled photos.  Blogger was giving me problems today.

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onemotherslove said...

I'm betting that tin was cut with a torch. Have you seen our Texas that A's brother made for us? It was cut out & personalized with a welding torch. Yes, twirl has EB all over it!

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