Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Last Day of Spring Break

 ...and actually the only day of spring break for me!  :-)  I worked all week & then cleaned house yesterday before Glenn & Jordy got home.

So today we went over to the Marin headlands so Jordy could take some photos.  I took some but not nearly as many as she did.

BTW, I think my new iPhone takes better pictures than my 5+ year old camera!
 I took some pictures of Jordy taking pictures.
 We tried to hike out to the lighthouse at Bonita Point.  The trail was open but the lighthouse part was closed.  The wind was a little cool but other than that it was a beautiful day!

Grandpa... did you take Jordann here?  She can remember being here but neither of us could.

I think I hear snoring... either Glenn snuck upstairs and went to sleep or Maowie is snoring over on the couch. Either is a possibility.
 We drove down the point, hiked up over the bunkers, and took some photos back of the lighthouse.

On another note... isn't it amazing how fast news travels now that we have Facebook?

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