Sunday, April 03, 2011

MORE of my Grandmother's Yarn!

 We've done some spring cleaning & rearranging the last few weeks.  I changed the comforter & pillows on our bed to our summer bedspread & linens.  I even changed the painting above the bed... part of my "bad art" collection.  I'll have to share that in another post!

The curtains are a little dark.  Last summer I just took them off, not sure what I'm gonna do this year.

Even though it's spring the nights are still cold and I need a little something more over my feet.    Plus the cat likes to sleep on the bottom of the bed & I don't really want her to lay on the white bedspread.

None of my throws really went with the new colors and the afghan I made last year had a lot of dark colors & it looks more fall-ish than spring-ish.
Then I got Romantic Homes magazine in the mail...

This afghan inspired me to get out my box of yarn.  Yes... I still have yarn from my grandmother's box of yarn!  And other skeins that I have collected along the way.  This afghan is the same idea as the ones I made last year.  Just stripes of colors & some different stitches.  

 Here are the colors I came up with.  I do think I need to get a different red.  My grandmother LOVED bright colors and this red may be a little too bright for my color scheme.

So far I have two rows crocheted.  Y'all keep asking me how much I have done so I'll keep going.  lol...

All photos taken on my iPhone!  I was too lazy to get my camera out.


onemotherslove said...

uh...yeah... you need a different red!

Grandpa said...

Is that red yarn in the picture? It looks orange on my monitor!

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