Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Aren't they cute?!?  Since I cleared the photos off my phone today I decided to do a "real" Tiny Talk Tuesday today.  These are 2 of my nieces that I saw on my trip to Texas a few weeks ago.  Baby Sarah was resting peacefully when Big Sister Elizabeth decided to kiss her.  Then they both ended up screaming.  My sister's house is a very noisy place.  Very close to the time of this picture E asked me, "Aunt Sissy, where you a baby when you were born?"  She's also very good at making up songs.  She was asking me if I could hula hoop. (I think she had one somewhere that she had tried.)  Then she started singing this song (she wrote the words & the tune herself):
"Run like a box of chickens in the coop,  Hoop te hoop, hoop te hoop."
 Here's another niece.  She doesn't usually wear glasses.

The nephew was there but usually in his room playing with Legos.  I'll have to share some of his creations with you.  He wasn't as much of a ham as the girlies.

Meanwhile, back to today... I stayed home (my day off) because yesterday UPS tried to deliver MY NEW iPHONE.  (Sorry, was I yelling?)  So I waited... at noon I decided to look online to see if I could tell where it was.  They said they tried again to deliver it at 9:47 a.m.  Well, I was here... UPS wasn't.  Guess they tried to deliver it to the wrong house.  Good thing it needs a signature!  So I still don't have it.  I told them to deliver it to Glenn's office tomorrow.
 So instead of doing any errands or shopping I tried to catch up on some jewelry.  Because I did something last month that probably wasn't all that smart.  These 2 ladies on the left helped me.  That's my sister-in-law & daughter.  We did a little antiquing while in Texas.  This was one of our favorite booths in the Waxahachie mall.  You can probably tell how much fun Lauren is having.  We saw lots of jewelry & they told me they liked mine better & if I sent them some they would sell it for me.

So after last month's Room With a Past weekend I sent ALL my jewelry to Texas.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  But then I realized that I have to go set up for the February sale this Saturday.  So I've been working hard, PLUS getting more jewelry ready to send to GreenCraft Magazine again, AND taking an online soldering class with Sally Jean Alexander!  My shelves may be a little bare this month.  I'll take some photos Saturday and show you.

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