Friday, October 22, 2010

200 Followers!!! & a Birthday

 Yay!  200 people are now following my blog!  I'm still not quite sure why.  lol...  I know I always like to look at photos on other blogs & get ideas for crafting, recipes, & home.  So I'll try to do more of that for you.  Here are a couple of necklaces that are in Room With a Past this weekend.  I'll be working on Saturday from noon to 4 if anyone wants to come see me.
BTW, Happy Birthday!!!!! to my baby girl, Jordy.  I wanted to post some cute, embarrassing photos of her as a baby but they're all stuck on my external hard drive that died last week.

Since I have 200 followers on my blog, my next goal is to get 100 followers on my Facebook fan page.  If you have FB, come "like" me.  :-)

1 comment:

Flowers said...

Yeah! for all the followers. Our computer died last week, and we hadn't backed up "because it was new, what can happen? duh!

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