Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Texas - Day Six, Exploring & New in the Shop

Sunday after church I meant to go back to my Dad's & watch our church back in California online.  But it was such a nice day Lauren & I didn't want to stay inside anymore.  So we went exploring.  There are lots of barns on the property & we both like to take photos -- there's L with her new camera above.  Again, we saw LOTS of spiders, yellow jackets, wasps, other unknown bugs & even a snake.  Here's one of the places we explored -- my grandfather's shed:
I would have liked to take a closer look at all the little things on the bench & in those bins, but there were huge spiders on their webs blocking our way.  Maybe we'll go back in the winter when all the spiders are DEAD.  :-)  (evil laugh...)
And here's a little project I was excited about -- dollar store hurricane lamps!  I read about them on this blog and decided I needed to try them.  I made two & really like how they turned out.  They were easy but if you don't want to make one yourself I'll have a couple in my space at Room With A Past this weekend.
And here are a couple of the necklaces.  I think this one's my favorite.  Jordy & her friends must like it, too.  They borrowed it for their photo shoot last week.  I should share those photos with you, too!
And my second favorite.  The last lot of skeleton keys I bought had some really interesting shapes.
I'll try to list the jewelry that doesn't sell this weekend in my Etsy shop next week.  But I'm not even going to try shipping the hurricane lamps -- you'll just have to go find a dollar store & make them yourself!

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Anonymous said...

Love the hurricane lamps that you made. They would look great with some fall ribbon tied at the base too! :)

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