Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sneak Peek!

 Since I had the day off today I worked on some jewelry & other things for my space in Room With a Past next month.  My theme is black & white so I'm trying to make enough jewelry so everything with be black, white, metal, or crystal.  Also, one of my previous customers wanted to see more photos of what I'm working on so here's your warning -- LOTS of photos in this post.  So I kept them small. Click on each photo to see it closer.  I bought a lot of charms & medals a few months ago so most of the necklaces & bracelets have real vintage parts.  I think I'm gonna start calling it "Junque Jewelry."
 Bought some little metal pieces on my last trip to Texas.  I'm gonna add wires to the stars below so they can hang.  Nothing is glued together yet.
 Here are the paper mache ornaments I started.  Only one has a picture on it.  I can add copies of vintage photos and/or text to them.  I was thinking about that cute photo of the girl peeking in her Christmas stocking.
 Here's more "Junque Jewelry":

Not junk -- but all the beads were from old necklaces.  The top necklace has velvet ribbon instead of chain.

I still love rhinestones!  I think this is the only brass necklace I've made lately.
 Made several simple charm/chain necklaces.

Also have supplies to make crystal ornaments.  I may put a few with black in this month.  Most will be in the shop in November -- what colors do y'all like?  I have black, tan/cream, gray, pink, aqua, red, green. We have a lot of pink in the shop so I'm kinda leaning that way.
I had two of these fabric rosettes in the shop last month & they both sold.  One was on a headband & one was a pin.  This is the one I wore in my hair.  The back has a clip and a pin on it so you can wear it either way.
 Making a few black for my October theme.
 An idea for the white lace rosette.
 I like this one on the silver bracelet.
 Then I thought I'd put the small ones on scrunchies.
 Now, on to bracelets!  I wore the grey one yesterday to make sure this new clasp wouldn't come undone.  No problem at all.
 Lots of dangles.
 But the multi-chain is my very favorite.  I've made two for myself.  One with the black rosary beads & another with a pearl chain.
 And I forgot to include this bracelet in the photo above.  This is my favorite!  I wear it a lot.  Just a basic faux pearl - goes with a lot.  I'm still playing with the bobby pins.  I may add a little lace or something with the buttons.  What do you think?
 This one won't go in the shop since it's not black & white, but I still like it.
OK, I'd love to hear what y'all think.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Beth -- let me know if you're interested in anything.  As you can see a lot hasn't been completed so it's still flexible.  Oh, and family members, let me know which ones you like.  All Christmas presents this year will be handmade.  :-)


Karin said...

busy, busy, busy! Everything looks wonderful. I really love the stars!

onemotherslove said...

I like the dangle bracelets! You know, all that b/w stuff would do well around here! What are the stars?

Mark & Lauren said...

At the elementary school teacher's lounge the other day, there was a lady selling jewelery and boy did the ladies flock to the table and buy a lot of stuff without her even trying to sell anything. Just an idea. :)

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