Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday & Video of the Week

Here's my favorite video of the week.  I noticed that CMT is now showing a shorter version -- they left out the part about God.  Not sure if they wanted to be more politically correct or if it was just too long for TV.  I like this one better.  But it does make me cry.
Friday Glenn took his mom to have her cholesterol checked.  Seems that she called her brother the day before & told him she was going to the hospital but she didn't know why.   Here's some of what was said while they were at the doctor's office.

Nurse:  You look very young, are you still working?
Margie:  Yes, I work at an office.
Nurse:  Is this [Glenn] your husband?
Margie:  Yes.

Glenn told me that later she said she needed to get back to the office.  At least she didn't beg him not to go back.  I'm very thankful that she does like where she's living.

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Alan said...

CMT is owned by MTV

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