Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday & the Invader in My Tomatoes

We were just sitting around talking about Margie when I realized that today was Tuesday so I thought I would just post it here & let y'all know what's going on.

I've had a busy two weeks so haven't been posting as much -- due to vacationing coworkers I've worked on my last two days off.  Then we had a health fair Thursday night so I worked then.  Then this weekend Room With a Past was open so I worked there.  Whew.....  I'm tired now.

Our church's family camp at Lake Tahoe started Friday, too.  Mark & Lauren went up with some friends Saturday.  They camped.  Glenn & Jordann went up after church Sunday.  They stayed in a hotel.  I took Margie to the early service then we went out to eat & went shopping.  We went to the thrift store to find books.  At our favorite thrift store hardbacks are always $1.00 and paperbacks are 75c.  I told her the price then we started looking.  She found a hardback she liked and looked at the dust jacket.

Margie:  I like this author.  But this book is $18.99.  Don't spend that much on me.
Me:  No, they're all $1.00.
Margie:  Really???  Wow, that's great.
Looked around a little more.  Found several paperbacks & started a stack.
Margie:  Ann, these books all cost too much.  You don't need to spend that much on me.
Me:  No, they're all 75c.
Margie:  Really???  Wow, that's great.
I think we repeated this conversation twice more before we walked over to look at clothes.  She needs another cardigan because she's always cold & one of hers is getting very worn.  She also needed a purse -- which she found for only $2.00  Didn't find a cardigan, but did find a couple of summer shirts.  I told her all the clothes were $4.50.  I found some & needed to try them on so she sat in the chair right outside the dressing room.  When I came out she was gone.  She was at the checkout talking to one of the employees.
Margie:  Ann, these aren't on sale.  Don't buy them, they're too expensive.
Me:  Margie, the full price is only $4.50.
Margie:  Really?  Wow!
She did get a little tired by the time we were through but physically she was having a good day.
So... fast forward to this afternoon.  I went out to pick my delicious home grown tomatoes and when I reached in to grab one this HUGE black widow came running toward me!  Tonight I was telling the family about it so Glenn & Mark went out to find it for me.  It was between the boards of the fence so Glenn sprayed it & Mark smushed it with my broom.  Sons do come in handy!  I think Jordy was running around screaming with me & Lauren was inside getting ready for VBS.


Grandpa said...

Glad you got rid of that lady.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Aaaaah, Margie. I love how she didn't want you to spend too much money on her. She is so sweet natured!

Scary, Scary Spider story! I am sure that you are relieved that she has gone to Spider Heaven, or where ever Black Widows go...Maybe not Heaven?


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