Thursday, July 29, 2010

Green Craft Magazine!!!

It's here... it's here... Green Craft Magazine is here!  I got my advanced copy today.  Jordy was home & got to read it before me.  I guess she wasn't actually reading it, just looking at the pictures.  Because she didn't realize these were mine.  She looked through the magazine and thought these looked like something I would make but said they were too colorful for me.  I surprised her!  She's always saying I need to use more color... just wait 'til she sees the Somerset Holiday issue!  I love how Somerset photographs things.  Always makes them look so nice.  Green Craft is going on sale August 1.  

And this Josh Turner song is for my dad.  Not a real quartet, but close.  :-)
I had an interesting day today.  As I was driving Jordy to church for puppet practice we passed a horse & rider waiting to cross the street.  Then we passed the two turkeys that live at Shadelands.  I dropped her off, came home, & went on my walk.  I walked toward downtown Clayton on the trail.  As I turned a corner on my way back there was a coyote walking down the middle of the trail.  It looked at me, walked a little faster, & then ran back toward the creek.  A little unusual for living in the city.

Glenn & I are going off & leaving the kids this weekend.  He's in a bike ride around Mt. Shasta!  I'm going up with him & I'll just sleep, read, & shop while he's riding.

And there are just a few days left for my Etsy team's Christmas in July sale.  I'll show you some of my items tomorrow.


starrynightimpressions said...

Congrats on the mag. feature!! That's sooo exciting!
Hey, I'll be in Mt Shasta friday and saturday to go to the lavendar farm in montague, maybe we'll pass each other on the road :)
Have a great weekend,

onemotherslove said...

I really like that song! & Congrats to my famous sister! : ) OH! David just yelled, "Rebekah is on the table!!!" Gotta go...

Milly said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mom saw your feature and couldn't wait to tell me about it! She recognized your shop name, and your work, immediately!!!

lavenderlizard said...

Congrats, Ann! What a terrific feature!

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