Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We didn't see Margie quite as much this week.  We had our house completely turned upside down for a while repainting everything & wanted to get that out of the way.  But Sunday after church we brought her home for lunch.  And since it was just her, me, & Jo we decided to do something different than Panda's.  We went to Daphne's for Greek food.  I know... shocking!

Later when everyone was home we watched a little TV.  I'm not what we were watching that started this conversation:
Margie: Do you think you could pet a giraffe?
Mark:  I guess they're kind of like a horse, so maybe you could.
Margie:  Don't you think they're a little taller?

Earlier that week in the car she said to me:
Margie:  Mark is such a nice young man.  (pause)  At least I think he is...

And as she was watching us sort all the jewelry & talk about all the styles ladies used to wear & still wear today she said:
Margie:  I don't know how women wear some of this.  I don't even know what I'm wearing right now.
I think she was referring to the jewelry, but it was really funny at the time.

And the Senior home gossip continues.  This time it's her roommate.  She had to go to a hospital for a while but Margie told me that she had inherited some money and wouldn't give any of it to her son so they came and got her and put her in prison.   I was thinking that maybe Margie was watching something on TV & getting it confused with real life but Glenn said that hallucinations are one of the symptoms of dementia.  And that these more elaborate stories that she's coming up with are just part of the hallucinations.  We have both made the comment in the last week how fun Margie is.  I am very grateful that as she goes through this that she's not showing signs of anger or aggression like so many dementia patients seem to.  And she hasn't tried to escape yet, either!

And I'm posting a photo of a little thing that is helping us save a bit of extra work this summer.  Instead of using a new napkin for each meal I found 6 napkin rings at the thrift store (of course!  50c for all 6!)  and labeled them.  Now if our napkin isn't all that dirty after just one meal, we stick it back in our ring & use it for the next meal.

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I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Aaahhh...Margie. :)

It is such a blessing tht she is funny and lovable.
My dad's situation is not quite so nice...it's so sad.
Thanks for sharing her fun stories. She is adorable!

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