Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Expanded Edition

I have lots to share on Tiny Talk Tuesday this week... and it’s not all Margie this week.  First, ME.  
(Just 'cause I like to have photos on all my posts... Made these tags last year.  Sold them in my Etsy shop.)

Jordy & I have been watching the TLC channel show called Hoarding: Buried Alive.  I really don't know how we get hooked on these shows.  I think it was coming on after something else we were watching & we were just too lazy to get up and change the channel.  It's actually a pretty disgusting show -- makes me wanna clean house.  Anyway... last Saturday I told you we went to an estate sale.  We bought several bags of stuff (aka, "junk" by my sister).  So she took it up to my bedroom (which is also my art studio...lol) and started unpacking everything.  Jo was scanning through the shows on Comcast On Demand for something to watch while we sorted.  
Jo:  Hey, "Hoarding" is on.
Me:  I love hoarding!!!   ... Wait...   I should say I love the show "Hoarding".
Then I walked into the bedroom and saw what it looked like.
Me: OK, so maybe I like hoarding, too.  :-)

Sunday we were Skyping with Lauren & Mark at his parent's house in Canada.  His niece & nephew were watching us while eating raisins.  Brought back memories of when Lauren was that age & stuck raisins up both sides of her nose.
Me:  Do you know where Aunt Lauren once put raisins? (Then we decided maybe we shouldn't tell them.)
Lauren:  Alistair, do you know where raisins go?
Alistair: Yes... (sticking one in his mouth) ...away.

Sunday afternoon I talked to my dad.  He said they were about to go eat at a BBQ restaurant in the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Afterwards he called me & told me after they had eaten & were walking around outside two little girls came up to him & asked, "Are you a a real cowboy?"  Here's a photo of him... what do you think?
And Margie's man/woman saga continues.  She didn't want to go to church Sunday because she's been having stomach problems.  So after the first service I went over to see her.  I was hoping to see the man/woman, but still haven't yet.  She gave me a few more details, though.  She thinks he did something he wasn't supposed to do (so bad that she wouldn't tell me what she thinks he/she did), went to prison, and they "did something" to him to turn him into a woman.  Supposedly, he/she is really mean & yells at the employees there.  Margie thinks he/she is going to get kicked out.  She kept telling me that he/she is wearing something on his wrist like he's been in prison.  Yesterday Glenn told us that's for the alarm at the home.  They have an alarm system for the residents that try to escape.  He assured us that he/she hasn't been in prison.  :-)

Tomorrow I'll share the story of how Jordy won a couch at a party.  lol...


Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

I like your tags, yes I do!!! I am constantly amazed at what shows are out there since I haven't had TV for four years and then I am somewhere and see a show coming on or a commercial and am amazed all over again!!! The "Hoarding" show sounds interesting. An older gentleman that comes into the antique store talks about some show called "Pickers" or something like that which also sounds interesting....debbie

Anonymous said...

Love the tags! Funny post. My dad wears Dockers "jumpsuits" and one day someone stopped him at Home Depot to ask if he was a farmer. (No.) Love the photo of your dad. Glad you got to see him and spend time w/him in Michigan. Your jewelry crafts are awesome. Hugs, Jenn

Alan said...

I've been in many a hoarder's house. What the show doesn't give you is the smell experience.

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