Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Due to popular demand... Tiny Talk Tuesday is back.  :-)  As I mentioned in my previous posts, I flew to Michigan last week to see my daughter & son-in-law graduate.  I flew back into Oakland on Tuesday.  Glenn brought his mom with him to the airport to pick me up.  They sat in the cell phone waiting area.  Margie was a little concerned because I would have so far to walk.  :-)

Wednesday Glenn went to see his mom again.  He usually quizzes her about what she's done, even when they just did things together.

G:  Mom, do you remember what we did yesterday.
M:  I remember we waited somewhere a really long time.
G:  What did we do?
M: Went to the airport to pick up your wife.
G: Do you remember my wife's name.
M:  (slight pause & laugh) Yes, Ann.
G:  Do you remember who you were married to?
M:  Your father.

She did remember the month & year, but still can't remember who the president is.  She NEVER remembers that one!  And since she's not seeing Emily every day she has forgotten her name, too.

And here's a good one.  This has been going on for several weeks.  A man moved into the home a little after Margie.

M:  And they put him in the room with a woman!
A:  I don't think they'd do that unless they're married.
M:  They're not married.

I assured her that they must be married and that they wouldn't put a man in her room - which is what I think she was concerned about.  The next week:

M:  You know that man that moved in last week?
A:  Yeah.
M:  He's not a man -- he's a woman!
A:  Really?
M:  Yeah.  He's weird.  I mean she... he... it... whatever.

Later she had a conversation with Glenn and she told him that she thinks that this woman used to be a man but he went to prison and had a sex change.  We haven't figured out if someone is telling her all this or if she's watching something on TV & transferring it onto people she knows.  Maybe we shouldn't have let her watch 24 when she was staying with us!

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I Love Pretty Little Things said...

I am glad that Tiny Talk Tuesday is back. I hope we get the scoop on the man/woman next week. :)

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