Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday and an Update on Margie

We've had more interesting conversations this week.  Margie seems to be doing better mentally.  BP is still extremely high.  Although last night it was down to 179/129.  (I know, I know... that's HIGH, but after what it's been the last two weeks, this is DOWN.)  

Last week she saw her new doctor in the Kaiser system.  She ordered more tests - an MRI of the brain which she had Friday (haven't heard results yet), an x-ray of the hip, an ultrasound of the carotid artery, a mammogram, & I think an ultrasound of the renal artery later.  She also added another bp med and ibuprofen for the bursitis in her hip.

Saturday night Glenn grilled a steak for us.  He sliced it and sat it on the table in a serving dish.  After we'd been eating for a while I noticed that Margie was trying to pick meat out of the serving dish with her fork (sorry... that's a pet peeve of mine) so I asked Glenn to help her get more meat.

Glenn:  No, I won't.
Margie:  Why not?
Glenn:  'Cause you still have meat on your plate.
Margie:  Uh.... I'm so silly.  Why didn't I see that?
So we ate a little longer & talked some more about other things.
Margie: Glenn, can you get me some more meat?
Glenn:  No.  You still have some on your plate.
Margie:  Uuuuuhhhhh.  Why didn't I see that?
Again, more talking, more eating. And she reaches for more meat again.
Glenn:  Mom, look at your plate.  You still have more meat.
Margie:  Uuuuuuhhhhhhh.
Ann:  Glenn, why don't you cut your mom's meat for her?  (So, he did and we all lived happily ever after.)

Last night:
When Margie went into the nursing home back in Texas, she gave Glenn her wedding ring & some other jewelry for safekeeping.  Glenn asked me today to mail her mom's wedding ring back to Marion (her brother).  

M:  Where did you get that jewelry?
G:  You gave it to me.
M: No, I didn't.
G: Yes, you did.  When you where in the nursing home.
She walked over to her jewelry box.  
M: I'm not dead yet.
A: (After we'd stopped laughing.)  Why did you say that?
M: I better wear this ring all the time so he won't give it away.
G: Mom, you gave it to me.
M: No, Randy, I would have remembered that.

I hope no one thinks I'm being disrespectful by posting these conversations.  But for one thing, if we didn't laugh about this, it could get depressing.  Plus I just want everyone (especially in the family) to understand what she's going through and what your telephone conversations could be like.  One night she told me a whole story about what had happened back in Texas to cause her to come here.  I was a little concerned because I hadn't heard any of it before.  I asked Glenn when he got home & he said that what she told me had never happened.  :-(

The photo is from a photo CD that was in the things that Marion sent.  I think this was taken at Donnie & Jolene's house in Montana.

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Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

That whole thing about laughing about it otherwise it's depressing is the exact thing my family said about my grandmother. She's been gone three years but we still laugh about some of the things she said even though it isn't "funny" to us.

It sure is hard. :(

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