Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tomatoes & Tiny Talk Tuesday.

We planted our little patio garden this weekend - one Early Girl tomato, one Red Pear, a jalepeno, cucumber, yellow squash, & some herbs. Remember this picture... They'll be monster tomato plants later if it's anything like the last 2 years. Which, btw, we looked at our house on Google Maps and we can now say that you can see my tomato plants from space.

Every Tuesday my sister posts "Tiny Talk Tuesday" on her blog & shares cute little things that her kids say. After hearing some of the things that Margie has said this week we were teasing that we should have our own "Tiny Talk Tuesday."

Glenn: I'm going to call and schedule a colonoscopy for you.
Margie: I can't have that. That's a man's test.
Glenn: No it's not.
Margie: Yes, it is.
Glenn: Well, your doctor said you need it.
Margie: I'm not going.
Glenn: Yes, you are.
Margie: No, I'm not.
Glenn: Yes, you are.
Margie: No, I'm not.
Glenn: Yes, you are.
Margie: (pause) Well, I'll go but I'm just going to watch.

While talking about Pastor's Jon's sermon.
Margie: Did Jon say that during his surgery?


Anonymous said...

Ann, you are truly a saint....I LOVE to read this stuff...
Thinking of you and praying for all of you. I know things are tough. Wish I could be there to help. Three jobs has me pretty busy though. Call me if you want to talk. 406-880-6462

Anonymous said...

Just read this. It breaks my heart but at the same time it made me laugh. Jenn

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