Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday and Spring Into Savings

I got a lot of comments about my "Tiny Talk Tuesday" last week. So here are a few more conversations we've had this week:

This conversation occurred after her systolic pressure was 200+ for several days in a row.
Margie: I don't know why my blood pressure is so high. I think there's something wrong with the machine.
Glenn: There's nothing wrong with the machine.
Margie: Well, maybe your blood pressure is high and is flowing over onto mine.

I have my phone alarm set to go off at 8 PM every night to remind us to give her her nighttime pill. The first weekend she was here she heard it and we had this conversation:
Margie: What's that noise?
Ann: The alarm on my phone. It's to remind us to give you your pill.
Margie: Oh, are you taking a pill, too?

I need to remember to turn my cell phone on vibrate when I get home. I have different ring tones for family members & text messages. My text message ring tone sounds like a door bell. Almost EVERY single time I get a text message Margie tells me there's someone at the door!

On a different note... the Spring into Savings sale has started over on CurrClick. This website sells ebooks, homeschool curriculum, & other supplies in electronic format. Both my sister and I have some books & curriculum for sale there that we wrote for our own children while we were homeschooling. Mine are published under ABC Books, hers are One Mother's Love. That also includes the Give Thanks book that I used on my blog at Thanksgiving. It's only $2.00 right now.

The photo at the top is George & Margie on a picnic... I'm not sure who the other person is.

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I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Your Margie stories are priceless. I am so glad that you can find the humor in this situation. :)

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