Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a Little Confusion...

Tonight I had the most confusing conversation that I've had with Margie so far since she's been here. I don't know if it was because she was more tired than usual, the high bp is affecting her, or if her memory is getting worse that fast.

So far her memory problems have only seemed to affect her short term memory... she can't remember the names of the people that are helping us take care of her, she can't remember if she's already taken her pills, if she's already put sugar in her tea, she forgets that she put her water in the microwave to heat it for tea, etc. But she hasn't forgotten anyone in the family. Except for a couple of times that she's called Marion (her brother) and Glenn (her son), George (her husband). But I've called Glenn the dog's name before so I'm not even going to mention that... And when she called them George we could still tell who she was talking about.

But tonight, after Lauren (my daughter) Skyped us, Margie asked me if Lauren's dad was going to come with her this summer to visit us. I thought maybe she meant Lauren's husband. So I said, "Do you mean Mark?" She said, "No, Lauren's dad." Then I thought she meant my dad. But again she said, "No, Lauren's dad." She seemed to be getting a little upset that I didn't know who she was talking about. (BTW, in case you don't know our family well, Lauren's dad is my husband, Glenn, Margie's son, and he lives here with us.) So I just said, "He's going to be here." That seemed to make her feel better.

Also, tonight when I gave her her pills she said, "Why are you giving me so many pills?" I told her those were the same pills she's been taking every night. She didn't believe me, but she took them anyway. Then she said, "Don't I take a pill at night, too?" "Yes, Margie, every night at 8:00."

Keep praying about her blood pressure. It's still been over 200 several times this week. I think only once was it below 180. Glenn took her back to the doctor today and will have blood work in the morning. He's afraid it might be because of her renal stent again. Her bp was very high last time it needed to be replaced.

Oh, the photo is George and Margie. I think it was right after they got married.

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Dawn said...

I have walked this path with my mother.
I made a scrapbook for her with photos of her had pictures, names, date of birth...etc. It was easier than dealing with lots of photos. On the front was the title - Ann's Grands.
She loved it and shared it will all who visited her.
The sad day came when she handed it to me and said "Who are these people? Please tell me who they are."
I knew then..that things were not going well.
It is a long goodbye. Very long.

Take one day at a time.
God be with you.

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