Monday, November 23, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Twenty-Three, Family, Facebook, Freedom to Travel, Work

Here's one of my favorite old family photos. Anyone wanna guess which one is Grandpa (my dad)? And here's a collage I made with it:
I'm thankful for all my family -- immediate & extended. I've thankful for Facebook because it makes it so easy to keep up with everyone and reconnect with some I haven't talked to in a long time.

I'm thankful that we have the freedom to travel. My sister & bil went on an anniversary trip this week -- NO KIDS! (Haven't heard yet how Grandma is. She had the first day with the kids.) My youngest daughter flew by herself to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with her sister & new bil. They're all traveling to Canada to visit Mark's family while she's there.

Meanwhile, I'm back at home filling in for a coworker who went on vacation. I'm thankful to do something a little different & get to work a little extra. Then Glenn & I will both have Thursday - Saturday off. Hope to do a little hiking.
I also reopened my crochet shop on Etsy. Have a few crocheted items that I'm not going to be giving for gifts this year. I think my family is about "crocheted" out by now. Although, I did promise my nephews some crocheted wool underwear, right boys? lol... BTW, for those of you who live close & buy something from one of my shops you can either pick it up here or I'll meet you somewhere & deliver it so you won't have to pay shipping on it. :-) My sister created the Comfort and Joy Crochet banner for me. Thanks sis!

Also, those birds in the last post were wild turkeys. When I got home tonight there were even more. Lots of people have been out taking pictures of them. They were even on our roofs!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad those birds were wild turkeys. I had troule making them out - forgot to try to enlarge them. We have had flocks (?) of buzzards in our neighborhood now and then, but not turkeys. (Buzzards that eye you from above and make you want to run inside.) Sounds like a bit of a different world for y'all this holiday. GLad the girls are close- that is so special and nice. I hope they have a great time. And y'all too. I like that you're talking about filling in for someone - nice stuff. Great family photo - I can't figure out whose-who but that's no surprise, huh? SUre have been blessed by this 30 days of Thanksgiving. Thanks

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