Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treat Cabinet Card & How to Use My Button :-)

Isn't she cute? I was inspired by an article in the last issue of Somerset Digital Studio to edit some of my old photos for Halloween. I'll show you some more tomorrow. But meanwhile, I've had a couple of people ask how to put my button on their blog so I thought I'd give you some ideas.

Save this photo to your own computer. If you have a Mac you can drag & drop it to your desktop. If you're a PC you can right click and "Save as." To add to the sidebar of your Blogger blog (like you see on the right), click "Customize" at the top right of your blog. Make sure you're on the "Layout" tab and click "Add a Gadget". Choose "Picture" then you can add the picture from your computer and a link to my blog ( You can also add a title & caption if you want. I would assume that other blogs are similar but I've only used Blogger. You can also add this to your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, or whatever other social websites you're on. Be thankful... spread the news!


Grandpa said...

My blog template doesn't have those options. Sorry! It is too old.

Anonymous said...

Ann, love the digital collages! that's one thing I haven't tried yet, but need to!
I'm nabbing your button, great idea!

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