Thursday, June 11, 2009

Half Moon Bay!

This was a nice little surprise trip from Glenn.  We probably won't be able to get away for our anniversary this year so he thought we should go somewhere now before G'ma & G'pa get here, I start filling in for people going on vacation at work, and the wedding planning overtakes us.  :-)  That first photo is us walking along the beach at Half Moon Bay.  See the surfers behind us?  And here's our 'family foot foto'.  Only 2 on this trip.
The weather was cold and damp but the flowers were beautiful!
Here's the B&B we stayed in, Zaballa House.  
Tuesday morning we went to a nature reserve just north of town.  There was a wildlife viewing area where we felt like the wildlife was watching us!  There were lots of sea lions.  None of my photos of them turned out very well, though.  They're the little bumps out on the rocks:
The tide pools were amazing!  I want to go back when the tide is even lower.

We walked down the beach, up the hill, and walked back on the cliffs.

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Pipesville said...

I got to go to Tulsa earlier this year. I love your pictures.

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