Monday, May 25, 2009

Latest Projects...

Happy Memorial Day!  Lauren's back home now & we all had a day off so the whole family (including the adopted dd) went to Ikea and Michael's then came back home to start work on wedding invitations.  Karen also came over with a sample of the bridesmaids dress for Jo to try on.  We've got a lot to do!  I recently finished some projects that I haven't shared with you yet.  Here's the first.  I call this my "TV pillow".    Last week was the season finale for all of the TV shows that we watch.  I am usually doing something else while we're watching TV.  This last year it was usually crocheting.  The last few weeks it was this pillow.

I switched our bed over to our 'summer linens' last week & thought I needed a new throw pillow.  These are still a few of Great's leftovers, plus some other 100% cotton pieces.  I'm using up a lot of scraps.  Here's another good recycled project:
Lauren had a lot of maps so I cut up some of the doubles and torn ones into 4" squares, glued them onto a canvas, & aged it a little.  I still need to paint the edges.  I tried to use pieces of maps that showed places we've actually been, or that our missionaries are living in.
Here are the covers to the 4x6 albums that I made for SE & G'ma.  I still need a baby picture for Lynne!
One more photo... Glenn got kicked out of his office/studio when Lauren came back home.  So he went to the thrift store, found a little desk, & made himself a mini-office in the corner of the living room.
Hope everyone had a great holiday.  I have my regular day off tomorrow so I think Lauren & I will do a little more wedding shopping and let her apply for some more jobs!


onemotherslove said...

Take some pictures of the wedding preparations! I'd love to see how the dress & invitations look! I'm sending you some flowers I found so y'all can see if the colors are right or not.

Pipesville said...

I have a box of maps that my granddaddy collected. I am going to laminate them and then use them as "wallpaper" somewhere in the house.

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