Friday, April 17, 2009

Lauren's Engaged!

OK, we had a busy couple of weeks and I'm just now getting these photos edited and blogged.  Mark & Lauren were here during their spring break and while they were here he proposed.  Of course, she said yes!  We all took a day trip together on Saturday.  We stopped at the Cheese Factory in Petaluma.  Got a loaf of sourdough & some brie (Jo's favorite) for lunch.

Then we drove over to Drake's Beach, close to Point Reyes for a picnic.
Glenn took a nap while everyone else explored.  I think that's Lauren & Mark (very tiny) in the background.
I think Mark must have taken this next one... I don't remember taking it.

So now we have one more foot in our family foot foto!


onemotherslove said...


Grandpa said...

Lauren sure has a big mouth! Bigger than the hot dog!

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